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You Complete Me is coming to Steam early access

Yep! you heard correctly You Complete Me is coming to steam early access this September! We've got a trailer coming in a couple weeks but for now here's a couple of development screenshots to show our progress. We are now feature complete for the September launch and now its time to work on the art and shader's to make it look Awesome! This building was my first try at procedural generation of buildings after a lot of tweaking they are looking a lot better now but I am gonna hold off on showing them until the game is more finalized and the trailer is released.

Guildford Games Festival

The Guildford Games Festival was a great chance to network with games industry people (potential employers, Please Hire Me !!!).  It also allowed me to get an insight into what people enjoyed about the game. I got an overwhelming feeling  that people really liked flying the drone around and that it should be used for more than just transport between the challenges/ mini games. Introducing the WINCH : Soo.... Looks great right ?  Unity really doesn't like what I've done with the physics joints. I'll keep on working on this to fix the physics. Other than that the game is coming along pretty well and I've created a couple more mini games as you can see below. That's all I've got for this admittedly short blog post